Kayaking on the Lower Dnieper Fills
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"Sea" vacation ... away from the sea
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Shukhov Tower
Today's "Point on the map" is indicated by a remarkable piece of engineering art of the early twentieth century - one of the surviving towers of Shukhov in Nikolaev The…

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10 tourism business ideas that should be implemented in Ukraine

The cable car, unusual hotel-museums and the Jurassic Park will attract tourists from all over the world.
Traveling is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Especially if you visit interesting and unprecedented places. And it is very important that they are well-groomed, nearby there was a hotel for an overnight stay and restaurants for snacks. And if everything is in accordance with local traditions, then you fall in love with such places immediately.

We have prepared 10 tourism business ideas that are successfully implemented in different countries of the world and bring considerable profit. The creation of such enterprises will provide income for many years, and with good service, the number of visitors will constantly grow. The following are the most promising business ideas in the tourism sector.

1. Cableway to Hoverla

www.flickr.com/Andrey Read more here: https://ru.tsn.ua/tourism/10-turisticheskih-biznes-idey-kotorye-stoit-realizovat-v-ukraine-931357.html Every year, thousands of travelers travel to the Carpathians, to admire nature and climb one of the peaks. And if you make the cable car to Goverla, then the flow of tourists, which is already huge, will increase.

It was previously mentioned that the construction of the cable car from the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates is being completed. In the Emirates, it is planned as the longest in the world. The cost of the descent is still unknown. However, it is known that the descent by cable car “Monster” in Puerto Rico, which is now the longest in the world, costs $ 135 (about 3.5 thousand UAH). The length of the descent “Monster” – 2 kilometers 200 meters. Based on the dimensions of the cable car and foreign prices, it is possible to determine the cost for the cable car to Goverla. And such an attraction will attract not only Ukrainian, but also foreign tourists.

2. Hotel-museum in a palace or castle

In Ukraine, an incredible amount of historical buildings remains unattended. And, if the west of the country abounds with castles, then palaces can be found in every region. Many of them are destroyed and abandoned. Only in the Vinnitsa region more than 20 estates that disappear before our eyes.

Radomisl Castle, the city of Radomishl www.flickr.com/Vitaliy Ilnytskyy For example, the Thor Lange Palace in Napadovka (60 km from Vinnitsa), the Sobansky Palace in Obodovka (there is a highway nearby, and several towns are nearby), the Chatsky Palace in the village of Serebryntsi (20 km from Mogilev-Podolsky) and the Tishkevich palace in the village of Andreevka (24 km from the district center Pogrebishche, 80 km from Vinnitsa).

An example is the castle in Radomyshl. In ancient times there was a mill and a paper mill on the site of the constructed building. Now, paper is made in the castle according to ancient traditions. They even hold master classes. The building has a huge museum of folk icons (a full ticket on a day off – 150 UAH), and most of the rooms are equipped with a medieval-style hotel.

The cost of living in a hotel room is 1300 UAH to 2500 UAH per night. In addition, it is possible to order a banquet hall for a wedding or other celebration, as well as halls for exhibitions, concerts, workshops, conferences, trainings and corporate parties.

The cost of a room in a castle, palace or villa in Poland starts from 2 thousand UAH per day. And for the maximum cost, you can even rent the whole building, however this is discussed individually. To rent rooms, as a rule, various additional services are offered. And the cost depends on how luxuriously furnished the apartments are.

3. Gastronomic tourist sites

Wine www.flickr.com/Cofrance Sarl There are many interesting places to travel in Ukraine. These are castles, palaces and various natural wonders. However, there are not enough interesting gastronomic restaurants. So that you can try dishes that emphasize the local flavor. For example, these are dumplings in the Poltava region or potato pancakes in the Zhytomyr region. Among Ukrainians are popular cheese and wine tours in Transcarpathia.

Typically, gastronomic tours are associated with Western Ukraine or Europe. However, each region has its own culinary secrets.

4. Interactive Museum of Minerals

Usually minerals can be seen in museums where they are dusted on shelves. However, in Transcarpathia there are many minerals and semiprecious stones: Ungvar, rock crystal, rhodonite, rock salt, jasper, agate and opal. It would be appropriate museum where you can see how the stone is processed with the ability to make a souvenir yourself.

5. The settlement of white Croats

Village Stil’sko, ancient settlement_10 www.flickr.com/repetyloAround the village of Dubrova, Lviv region, a unique place has remained, which few people know about. This is an ancient settlement, reminiscent of the hobbit village from the movie “Lord of the Rings.” In fact, this is a rocky city, which is considered one of the oldest settlements of the Slavs. In addition to the caves, there are a number of historical sites that require research. Nearby are the remains of ancient settlements, temples and necropolises.

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