Odessa cyclist returned home after a six-month journey from Canada to Mexico
Ruslan Verin, a cycling traveler from Odessa, has finally returned to South Palmyra after a long journey. Street of the homeless in Los Angeles, he was met by relatives, friends…

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Treasure Island in Khoroshev
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Knights of the Dnieper rapids
The Dnieper rapids now rest under the deep waters of the main river of Ukraine. And there was a time when, over 80 kilometers from Yekaterinoslav to Khortitsa, the Dnieper…

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Where to go on May holidays 2018

We offer 5 ideal places where you can relax on a budget and enjoy quality.

May 1 in Ukraine celebrate labor day. To ensure the rational use of working time and create favorable conditions for the celebration, the domestic government decided to postpone the working day on Tuesday, April 30, to Saturday, May 5.

Weekends for the May holidays in 2018 will be from April 28 to May 1, namely from Saturday to Tuesday. Already, Ukrainians are thinking about where to go for the May holidays. There are four days ahead of the weekend and most want to spend them in the bosom of nature and take a break from the bustle of the city. Holidays on May holidays usually involve meeting friends and traveling: romantic and informative.

Sakura festival in Transcarpathia Where to go on May holidays 2018

The heart of Transcarpathia – Uzhgorod attracts tourists at any time of the year, but it is especially beautiful here in the spring.

In late April and early May, Japanese cherries bloom here – sakura, as well as magnolias.

Sakura is planted in Uzhgorod with whole alleys, and besides them, Japanese quince and other exotic plants bloom.

During their flowering, the city is filled with unique aromas, because the smells are mixed in a wide variety of proportions.

Every year in Uzhgorod, the festival “Sakura – Fest” is held. In 2018, it will be held from April 23, and will end just on the May weekend – May 2.

Where to go on May holidays 2018National dendrological park “Sofiyivka” in Uman

The pearl of Cherkasy land, buoys with bright colors in the spring.

From Kiev, a masterpiece of landscape art is two hundred kilometers away. But a long trip is worth it, once in Sofiyivka you once plunge into the sometimes unspoiled nature, because the park created in the 18th century is huge and not everywhere the foot of a tourist stepped.

Local affirm: to see everything, it takes more than one day.

The park has the status of a reserve, so you can’t manage to have a picnic there for the May holidays, you only have to enjoy the beauties of nature and sculpture, and have a bite to eat at nearby institutions.

In addition to hiking, in Sofiyivka you can ride a boat on the lake or underground river.

Where to go on May holidays 2018Migia – “little Switzerland” in the Nikolaev area

This is a quiet area in the Southern Bug region, more than three hundred kilometers from the capital.

The population of the village is just over 2 thousand people.

Migia is an extreme area ideal for rafting or other water activities.

For those who have nothing to do with extreme sports, you can rafting along the river with an instructor on a safe route.

The village is called “Switzerland” because of the unique radon lake with clear turquoise water. Water has useful properties, it is comfortable to swim in the summer, but you can “open” the beach season and the May holidays. They often jump into the lake from the rocks, because it is deep enough – 42 meters and has no pitfalls.

Where to go on May holidays 2018Odessa and “Ukrainian Venice” – Vilkovo

Four days off can be spent in Odessa.

The unique spring-like fresh sea air of North Palmyra does not compare with dry and hot in the summer. Daredevils, after the inhabitants of Odessa, can take the first marine water treatment this season.

Those who do not risk a spring swim spend their time walking along the promenade, along Primorsky Boulevard or Deribasovskaya. In Odessa, it is a fairly quiet, measured life, which is not entirely characteristic of a city with a million inhabitants. Here, guests will always be offered a lot of interesting excursions, for example, in Vilkovo.

In “Ukrainian Venice” there are no sidewalks and roads – instead of them are channels through which people travel only by boat. The village is separated from the modern world and lives by its own rules. It is in the Vilkovo region that the “0 kilometer” is located, here the Danube flows into the Black Sea.

Where to go for the May holidays of 2018Krivorovna and Dzembronya in Ivano-Frankivsk

“Ukrainian Athens” is Krivorovna, Mikhail Grushevsky and Ivan Franko lived here, the literary bohemia in the person of Lesya Ukrainka and Olga Kobylyanskaya, Osip Makovei and Mikhail Kotsyubinsky loved to gather, and Sergey Parajanov shot the legendary “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”.

Krivorovna is the center of the Hutsul culture, the area fully conveys the mood of the Carpathian mountains. Almost every home is a monument with a long history. There are several wooden museums. The village itself is located on the banks of the cold mountain river Cheremosh, which is impossible to swim in at the beginning of May.

Dzembronia (until 2009 Berestechko) – a village with stunning mountain landscapes, located on the threshold of the Montenegrin ridge. People come here to see exactly how the mountain ranges “grow” out of the fog, from this point the hiking routes for climbing the ridge begin. To the west of the village are famous cascades of waterfalls. Only 245 people live in the village.

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Kvevri, Khachapuri and the sea
The flow of foreign tourists to the country is growing annually, while the Georgians themselves hardly rest at home Back in early April, more than 98% of hotels were booked…