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Thresholds or roads? What fate awaits the Black Cheremosh

In early June, in the mountain village of Bystrets, in the Verkhovynsky district in the Carpathian region, shore protection work began on the Black Cheremosh. This caused serious concern among public activists who are convinced that this work is being carried out in violation and may become an obstacle to rafting, a favorite tourist attraction in the Carpathians.

Cheremoshfest in the Carpathians

Andrey Melnichuk founded the CheremoshFest eco-tourism festival in 2013. The art event, says Andrei, gathered everyone for whom the territory of the Black Cheremosh is especially valuable. Most of the participants of the festival, as well as the organizers, are engaged in rafting (high-speed rafting on a mountain river in an inflatable boat. – Auth.). They are convinced that mountain rivers must be preserved in their natural form. The last time the festival near Cheremosh took place in 2015. Then he raised the question of creating a hydrological reserve here.

“This year there won’t be a CheremoshFest. The festival needs to be prepared from the winter. It seems there hasn’t been any threat. But now we are interested in understanding what is happening on the Black Cheremosh. When we see that a dam appears in the middle of the river and the escalator is working there, it means that Cheremosh’s rapids are offended, ”says Andrey Melnichuk.

Activist, initiator of the CheremoshFest festival Andrey Melnichuk and foreman of the PMK-77 firm Mikhail Ostapovich Former director of the NPP Gutsulshchyna Vasily Prorochuk, commander of the regional organization Trizub named after Stepan Bandera Oleg Mikityuk and initiator of the CheremoshFest festival Andrey Melnichuk

He admits that the situation is even more worrying due to the fact that the PMK-77 company, which in fact, although not legally, belongs to Vasily Proporchuk, the former director of the Gutsulshchina NPP (owner of the company), is working to strengthen the coast of Cheremosh. the prophet’s mother-in-law Ekaterina Stefurak appears).

Indeed, recently, says Andrey Melnichuk, it was Proporchuk who initiated the creation of a hydroelectric power station in the neighboring village of Zelenoe, and neither civil activists nor environmentalists liked this at all.

Therefore, to see what is happening on the shore of the Black Cheremosh, public activists went to the village of Bystrets with journalists.


Among the first who meets the delegation is the same Vasily Prorochuk, who does not at all deny his knowledge of the activities of PMK-77, although he emphasizes several times that now he is not an entrepreneur, but only a pensioner.

“In 2008, a lot of water took the road here altogether. It was impossible to drive cars in winter. Yes, the company of my guys won the tender. This road needs to be expanded (shows), and before that it is necessary to protect the river. Nobody touches the rocks. There are no violations “I don’t understand these people. I used to write a lot about me. I went through six searches, 16 checks. I wrote six applications for the dismissal of the director of the Gutsulshchyna Scientific Production Enterprise. Now I am a pensioner, and all those forest advocates who went to the capital for this are now headed by the state forestry and dorub they scream the forest to the handle, “says Vasily Proporchuk.

According to him, the road on which two cars cannot stretch out today is planned to be expanded by 2-3 meters. The funds for this were sent from the Ecological Fund, the customer was the village council.

“This is a very complex object. Stones from the river are gathered into a metal mesh and so strengthen the shore. If I had written a letter in advance to stop rafting at a time when work is being done here, I would have understood these activists. But we made concessions, and they don’t stop rafting, “said Vasily Prorochuk.
The fact that bank protection is carried out without violations is also assured by the foreman of the PMK-77 firm Mikhail Ostapovich. He claims that he is working on a project that has passed all the necessary examinations. He assures that no one takes out river stones, doesn’t cut down trees from the banks, and none of them even knows about the possible appearance of houses near Cheremosh, which the activists have hinted at. Moreover, the builders themselves agreed not to stop rafting for the duration of the work, because they understand the tourists who come here from afar.
“In order to make shore protection on this site, I temporarily need to divert water. Here is our project (shows Avt). Next, I will bring water back. I diverted water only temporarily, on the one hand. But in order for rafting to go normally, I agreed with the sports base and warned me when they made the rafting, let them come to me. I then stop the escalator from working so that there is no accident, “said Mikhail Ostapovich and promises that the work will last no more than two weeks, and therefore all these inconveniences are temporary.


There is a completely different opinion about the implementation of the project on bank protection on the Black Cheremosh costing about 1.4 million UAH environmentalists and activists. They argue that since the coastal strip of the Cherny Cheremosh River has the status of a hydrological reserve of local importance, it is necessary that work on bank protection be carried out taking into account the appropriate regime.

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