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“Come back to sleep”

The life of Kharkiv Yuriy Ignatov is like a dream – outlandish corners of the world, funny companies and colorful photos. He made travels not only his hobby, but also his work.

About how he succeeded, in special places on Earth and in relations with his family, the power of tolerance and love for people, as well as on the reverse side of the coin, Ignatov told the publication Observer.

How it all started

I was born and raised in Kharkov. I never wanted to follow in the footsteps of medical parents, so I studied in Kiev at the Faculty of Informatics of the KPI. For a long time he was engaged in macroeconomics in the civil service. Our research was related to the automation of analytical processes, so I worked almost in my specialty.

At some point, I realized that my work does not have the desired impact on the country, and decided to leave. I guess I’m one of the few people who quit IT. By the time I left, I already knew what I wanted to do.

Everything determined my first trip to Nepal. It so happened that we had a guide who did not do his job very well, made many mistakes, which is why many people were unable to complete the entire route. Then I thought that I could do it better. I went to Nepal for reconnaissance, walked 1,200 km on foot and worked out some interesting routes.

Thanks to this, by the time I left work, I already knew what I wanted to do, and managed to work out the first direction for my tours – Nepal.

Camels near the Atlantic, Morocco. View from a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Now I am organizing adventure trips to different countries of the world. My job is to give people emotions, organize exciting trips in which you can truly get to know the country. I work out my routes, even in countries unfamiliar to me, from scratch. I try to keep them saturated with history, activities, and relaxation.

For example, our New Year’s trip took place in three countries: we saw the innovation of Malaysia, learned about the history of Angkor in Cambodia, celebrated the New Year on a tiny island between Bali and Lombok in Indonesia.

And a couple of months ago I returned from Nepal, where the group and I immediately climbed three five-thousandths, crossed a huge glacier and examined Mount Everest from close by. Frozen for 14 days, but impressions – for life!

This summer I plan to take several groups to the northern countries: Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. I always try to make trips that I’m “burning” myself! Those that suck under the spoon and butterflies in the stomach!

Legzira Arches, South of Morocco Gateway to Angkor, Cambodia

For example, travel from Milan to Venice, making a 1,000 km detour through lakes Como and Garda, Swiss gorges, castles in Germany and the Dolomites. I have long dreamed of a motorcycle tour, and in November I plan to ride motorcycles in the south of Spain.

People like to travel with me, they come back and ride with me again and again. This is my greatest pride, and I try to make very varied travels. Fortunately, the world is very big!

About old and new routes

To be honest, I did not count how many countries I had already visited. About 50. But thoroughly studied a dozen.

After all, in fact, is it possible to consider that he visited Georgia if he spent several days in Tbilisi? As a person who has truly visited Georgia a dozen times, I’ll say: no! So each country is original, diverse and has many secrets. Only in tiny Georgia there are five completely different regions, and maybe even more. They differ in nature, in cuisine, even in customs and language, in religion.

If we talk about the knowledge of the country from the point of view of travel organization, then experience is of great importance in this matter. Understanding what these specific customers want, what I want to show them and how to fit it all in logistics, budget and accommodation.

Island in Indonesia Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia

Now I am successfully managing to lead groups to countries where I have never been to myself before. Although the development of such programs takes more time – several months. But together we are experiencing new experiences, and each member of the group becomes part of the team. As a result, we return from a trip as friends. Agree that driving people along the same route is boring, and people feel it. It’s cool – sincerely to share their emotions. Then you are not just a customer service, but a real team!

In various countries I find guides who are familiar with history and culture, because remembering everything myself is simply unrealistic. Here you just need a man who leads groups on the same route every day.

About favorite places on Earth

Like nostalgic music, every new place is associated with different emotions that were experienced there. Therefore, I have many such special places.

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