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Why it is worth traveling alone

You will no longer need to take into account the desires and needs of your companions: traveling alone allows you to get a unique experience without looking at others, the BBC Travel correspondent emphasizes.
Family vacation, a romantic weekend for two – we experience many unforgettable moments on trips in the company of other people. However, solo travels can sometimes give you access to unique experiences that are hardly possible when you have to consider the wishes and needs of fellow travelers.

To get more information on this topic, we turned to Quora’s online collective search community for answers, asking its users: “How does it feel to travel alone?”

You never know what will happen – and who you meet

“Traveling alone, I force myself to communicate more with others and am ready for the unexpected,” says Janice Vaugh, author of a blog called Solo Traveler. – As a result, I wandered through the streets of Lhasa and received an invitation to the teahouse, the visitors of which were traditionally men; I rode a motorcycle between the lakes of Udaipur; I was called to an underground game room in Shanghai; I dived in the Red Sea and walked around the tea plantations in Munnar. ”

Uidapur Lakes

According to Mario Wilson of San Francisco, he asks any questions and does without a guide. “[The Guide] will not provide me with the experiences that I am striving for. They are determined by the people whom I meet on my way, and these meetings are determined by what I am myself <…> In Cambodia, one of my taxi drivers used to participate in the Khmer Rouge movement. For half a day I asked him questions about his life and about whether his views on the past changed after he became a father. ”

“To this day, it amazes me that for four to five hours you can speak a language that I don’t speak and be understood,” he says.

Cambodia Tea Plantations

You will find out where the best food is.

“If you’re ready for new tastes, traveling alone is for you,” says American Stephen Ford. “If you really want to try a grilled bull’s heart, fish head curry or sheep’s sandwiches, nobody will break your plans to eat nachos chicken wings in the next Hard Rock Cafe.”

Traveling alone, you can always share a meal with a new person. “One of my favorite questions is where to have lunch and where would you take your family? – tells Mario Wilson. “Often I suggest that this person pay for his lunch if he agrees to order food himself.”

Street Food Thailand Fried Kui (Guinea Pig) in Peru

Anonymity is a big plus

“Whatever happens in Vegas will remain in Vegas,” user Bowmick writes. “You can be much more relaxed if no one finds out about it at home.”

Lawrence Kurniavan from Jakarta suggests talking to strangers, even if you are usually shy and modest. “If you don’t like them, you just go in different directions,” he said. – There is no need to communicate with people who are unsympathetic to you. After all, this is your adventure! ”

According to Stephen Ford, traveling alone also saves people from cultural patterns.

“When you drive without company, there are no representatives of your culture near you who could support you,” he says. – As a result, you behave less like a tourist and more like a local. Therefore, the locals begin to treat you differently. ”

Las VegasParis

Loneliness will pass

Traveling alone can be replete with revelations and the establishment of new, deep connections, but this is far from every minute of the trip.

“Relations with people usually make us happy. Laugh together, make fun of each other, come up with jokes that are understandable only to each other, watch the other one dance funny, create joint memories, grow together, share everything with each other, experience joint adventures or go somewhere all night, study, love “It’s worth living for this,” writes Kyle Pennell, who moved from the United States to Mexico. “It happens that happens during solo travels, but just as often this doesn’t happen.”

If the solo traveler is overwhelmed by loneliness, Pennell advises “just to be ready for it, to accept and accept it”. It will pass.

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