Not turkey united
This summer, Ukrainians managed to significantly save on holidays abroad. In addition to Turkey, which often does not have a shortage of tourists, vacationers from Ukraine managed to take advantage…

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Kayaking on the Lower Dnieper Fills
Today, the bulk of the unsinked floodplains is preserved in the Kherson region, on the Lower Dnieper: from the Kakhovka dam to the Dnieper estuary. If you want to spend…

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Parent hut for the exiled lem
The Lemkovskaya Usadba Museum in Zarichev opens the door to Lemki, a lost paradise - representatives of an ethnic group, which, due to the historical upheavals of the last century,…

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“Sea” vacation … away from the sea


The Elizavetovsky pit of the Man-made Blue Lakes in Ukraine cannot be counted: there are both in the Kiev region, and in the Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Zhytomyr regions … Here we will focus on the eastern ponds – in the Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions.

One of them is otherwise called the Elizabethan pit. This Blue Lake was formed artificially near the city of Kamenskoye in the Dnipropetrovsk region in the early 1970s, when housing estates of the then Dneprodzerzhinsk were actively built up, and sand was taken from the Elizavetovsky quarry. The excavation was very fast and voluminous, and at a certain depth, water suddenly and rapidly began to appear. They say that people barely managed to get out, leaving the equipment there. As a result, the pit of the quarry was filled with water with an area of ​​about 200 thousand square meters and a depth of 20 meters, and in some places 40 meters. There is even a legend that the lake somehow connects with the Black Sea and therefore there is no bottom. Scientists and scuba divers say that there is still a bottom, but an untrained person should better not go down there.

The lake attracts with clear, clear, fresh water. The bottom is sandy, so the water in the pond acquires a turquoise hue. From all sides it is surrounded by a pine forest, but not far from civilization. You can get from the Dnieper, for example, by a minibus going to the Left Bank, leaving at the last stop of the village of Elizavetovka.

On the territory of the lake there is one free beach – “Zaimka”, and several recreation centers – “Elizavetovsky Paradise”, “Krymchik”, “GreenPark”, “Athens”, “WakePark” with access to its own beach. There is a cottage village where you can rent an apartment for several days. In particular, a two-room apartment, where 1 to 4 people can stay, will cost up to 500 UAH per day.

There is a cafe on the bases, the infrastructure allows holding various festivals here with relaxation. Bicycles and kayaks are available for rent up to 100 UAH per day.

In the Donetsk region, the amazingly beautiful Blue Lakes stretched out in the Limanskiy District near the Seversky Donets River.

Until the beginning of the 60s, in their place there were also quarries for the extraction of sand, which were filled with spring water. Now sand is mined only on one of them, but tourists rest there every year. The lakes are located in a pine forest, the water in them is clean, never stagnates due to underground sources. The name of the lake speaks for itself, because the color of the water in all the lakes is blue, sometimes with a greenish tint.

Steep sandy slopes, huge winding roots of mighty pine trees, exposed by the wind and protruding several meters, create beautiful landscapes.

Blue lakes are rich in fish: perch, roach, crucian carp and pike are found here.

In recent years, comfortable recreation centers have been built and continue to be built on the Blue Lakes, ready to receive tourists all year round.

Near the lakes is the village of Shchurovo, as well as the area of ​​the city of Liman Green Wedge (Zavodskaya microdistrict). Not far from one of the lakes there is a station of the Donetsk railway “Collective”. There are two ways to get to the Blue Lakes – from the Liman side or along the Shchurovskaya road.


In the Zhytomyr region there are also many lakes formed on the site of former quarries. But not sandy, but granite.

A stone miracle of nature in Korostyshev Surrounded by a pine forest and rocks, the quarry in the city of Korostyshev has long been a favorite vacation spot not only for local residents, but also for tourists from Zhitomir and Kiev, weary of the rhythm of life.

It is located near the Kiev-Chop highway, so everyone can easily find it.

The director of the Korostyshevsky National History Museum Vladimir Slivinsky, who often happens there with tourists, spoke about the uniqueness of the reservoir.

“There are three quarries in Korostyshev, but the smallest among the tourists has become the smallest one, which is popularly called the canyon. The water in it is clean, because it comes from underground sources. So, in the canyon it is valuable because it is rich in radon, which heals bones well and joints. We have natural radon, and believe me, it is several times greater than the effect of all sanatorium radon vanes. Therefore, those who know about this feature come here not only to relax, but also to heal, “said Vladimir Slivinsky.

The depth of the canyon in some places reaches 20 m. On its high shores, training is conducted for young climbers.

Such a natural attraction was also quite fond of those who hunt beautiful photos or incredible shots for films or video clips. According to Vladimir Slivinsky, the surrounding landscapes make it easy to create a picture of mountain adventures on the screen. This is often done by metropolitan directors or photographers, because getting to Korostyshev is faster and cheaper than, for example, in the Carpathians.

The depth of the lake reaches more than 10 meters

Traditionally, vacationers come to the canyon with their tents to stay there for a few days, or rent housing from local residents. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are also developing infrastructure on the banks of the picturesque canyon to motivate tourists to return here again.

"Sea" vacation ... away from the sea
EAST, TO BLUE LAKES The Elizavetovsky pit of the Man-made Blue Lakes in Ukraine cannot be counted: there are both in the Kiev region, and in the Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Zhytomyr…


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