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Private museums of Zaporozhye surprise with unique exhibits


One of the most informative museums in Zaporozhye is the Museum of Technology of Vyacheslav Boguslaev – the hero of Ukraine and the permanent leader of the flagship of domestic engine building – Motor Sich enterprise. The museum opened in October 2012 and, according to reports, has become a place of visit for more than a quarter of a million people for more than five years. And it’s not surprising: the museum’s work is organized in such a way that people who are in love with technology and are completely far from it can usefully spend time on its territory.

From the point of view of the visitor, the Boguslaev Museum of Technology is not one museum, but two. The first occupies a two-story building, in the halls of which themed collections are located. The second is an open-air museum in the square around this building. And if you decide to go to the Boguslaev Museum of Technology with your children, leaving this area will be very, very difficult for you. And not only because a huge amount of the most diverse equipment has been collected here – from tractors to airplanes. But also because all these exhibits are absolutely accessible to visitors: they can be touched, they can be climbed, photographs can be taken outside and inside, as well as jumping, crawling, hanging and jumping, which children are known to do for hours.

While moving from the howitzer to the tank, I overheard the young dad’s story that, living in the neighborhood, he and his dad friends would periodically go to the open-air museum, as to the playground: “And the little ones at work, and we have time to talk “.” The result, according to the parent, was unexpected: the little guy, who seemed to be interested in nothing but “climbing-running”, in three weeks “dug up” a store of prefabricated models in the network and now plagues the whole family with offers to buy and assemble a battleship, now helicopter.

The story, in my opinion, is quite instructive.

In the halls of the museum building the atmosphere is much more serious. The entire first floor is devoted to exhibits representing the history of the Zaporizhzhya Engine Plant, whose products are operated by airplanes and helicopters in 120 countries. Memories, archival documents, records and a collection of aircraft engines in chronological order. From the piston M-11, the production of which was launched at the Zaporizhzhya enterprise in 1927 (this engine was installed on the legendary U-2 biplanes and Yak-6 bombers). Prior to the jet D-18, raising modern legends into the sky – aircraft Ruslan and Mriya.

Next – a collection of motorcycles released in the 30-80s of the last century, a personal collection of hunting weapons from the founder of the museum of more than 200 exhibits, a collection of Tula samovars … So that children would not “get in the way” for the duration of the tour, you can send them to the one working here 5D cinema.

The price for his visit is purely symbolic – 15 UAH per child. The price of a ticket to the museum itself, in general – “not the price”: 5 UAH – for children, 10 – for adults. You can find out how to get to the Boguslaeva Museum of Technology and first get acquainted with its exposition on the website.


The first cuts of the Stone Age, mystical kris (daggers) of Oceania, knives of Tibetan monks, katana of Japanese samurai, Scottish swords, hetman maces, chain mail, stilettos, weapons of two world wars and the war in Afghanistan – about five thousand copies were collected in the collection of the Zaporizhzhya Museum of the History of Arms edged and firearms of different times and peoples.

The Museum of the History of Arms is the first private museum of Zaporozhye. It was opened in 2004 and almost immediately recognized as one of the best weapon museums in Europe. The basis of his exposition was a private collection of the famous Zaporizhzhya businessman, philanthropist and writer Vitaliy Schleifer, who managed the museum until the end of his life.

He said that opening his collection to visitors, he strives not only to present weapons of different peoples and eras, but also to provide an opportunity to see the history of mankind in a new way.

“Creating a museum, we sought to present the history of human development through the history of the development of weapons. To show how weapons helped people and entire nations defend themselves, win and survive – changed the course of history and created the history of the world,” these words of Vitaliy Schleifer define the uniqueness of the Zaporizhzhya museum. Unlike most others representing a separate era or ethnic group, it contains exhibits from around the world over almost the entire period of human existence: from ancient times to the middle of the twentieth century.

The museum says that any weapon is an integral part of the culture of the people. It reflects not only the level of scientific and technological development, but also is a valuable source of knowledge about customs, traditions and beliefs.

For example, in the collection of the Zaporizhzhya Museum there are weapons that are fully identified with a person. This is a dagger-chris native to Oceania.

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