Not turkey united
This summer, Ukrainians managed to significantly save on holidays abroad. In addition to Turkey, which often does not have a shortage of tourists, vacationers from Ukraine managed to take advantage…

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Magnetism of the Glow
Zbarazh Castle is one of the few historical monuments in Ukraine that are in good condition and meet European standards. Every year it changes - the interiors are improved, new…

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How to eat snails, or why Transcarpathians need French delicacies
The opening of the first snail farm in Transcarpathia in Nizhny Selishte made a fuss - the ubiquitous journalists, curious tourists, and those who were "annoyed" reached out for it:…

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To not be ashamed

The number of tourists is growing from year to year. According to the forecasts of the World Tourism Organization, 2017 promises to break the next record in the number of people traveling around the world. There are no final statistics yet, but during the period from January to August last year, 901 million people visited the countries of the world with tourist purposes, which is 56 million more than in the same period of 2016. At the same time, Africa (+ 9%), Europe (+ 8%) and East Asia (+ 6%) showed the highest growth.

The reason for the increase in global tourist flow is understandable – residents of developed countries are fed up with things. Therefore, they are increasingly trying to emphasize their status not with property, but with impressions. Posted on Instagram photos from exotic places speak more about a person than how he dresses and what kind of car he drives.

The approach to travel, as a “factory for the production of emotions” radically changed the travel industry. At a time when the transatlantic flight cost a little less than a budget car to emphasize its well-being, the representative of the American middle class needed to take a picture at the Eiffel Tower or the Uffizi Gallery. But now visiting the places chosen by crowds of tourists is already “not working.” For status, you need something that emphasizes the creativity of the traveler.

While Ukraine lags behind tourist trends and the most popular travel destinations of our compatriots are still all inclusive hotels in Turkey and Egypt. But it’s a matter of time – it will not work for a long time to maintain the status of a successful person by uploading photos from sun loungers to the network.

Based on Trekksoft’s 2017 tourism market research, the Focus magazine found out seven global travel trends.

Relax in the wild

According to Trekksoft, one of the main trends of last year was the desire of travelers to approach the wildlife – whether it is living in UNESCO biosphere reserves or traveling by boat on a tropical river.

Lost in the wilderness hotels are usually significantly more expensive than beach resorts, while offering significantly less amenities. However, the ability to live in a small group of people and watch exotic animals is more important than comfort for many travelers. For example, guests of secluded mini-hotels in the Bahamas are attracted primarily by the opportunity to swim in the ocean with wild pigs.

Walking around the cultural capitals with a guide from the locals

According to Google Trends, since 2013, the number of requests for travel alone has been constantly growing.

The Uffizi Gallery and the Eiffel Tower from the tourist “ration” have not disappeared. But now it’s fashionable to visit them not as part of an organized group, but accompanied by a guide from local residents. Which will help to combine visiting tourist sites with cafes and pubs, which usually does not look “alien” eyes.

By the way, this can be saved. Last year, free tours were organized in many European cities by local volunteers. Well, or friends of owners of bars located along the route.

Participate in the sustainable development of regions

That is, to travel to places not chosen by tourists. This is done in order to support local communities and help them in their development. There are a lot of options – from a trip to the wineries of Transcarpathia native and teaching elementary english in a rural school in Nepal to spending holidays surrounded by fishermen in one of the depressed regions of Norway or who were left without work due to the globalization of Swiss shepherds.

However, deliberately abandoning a trip to cities suffering from an overabundance of tourists, such as Barcelona and Venice, is already an invaluable contribution to sustainable development.

Don’t Avoid Madness

Many travelers under the age of 35 refuse to relax on paradise beaches, only because then they will have nothing to tell friends about the vacation. Whether it’s climbing on the ice of a glacier in Patagonia, or spending 9 hours in a clogged train in Sri Lanka, traveling along the most beautiful railway route in the world.

Immerse yourself in the life of the country

Simply put, to settle in a village house, next to which there is nothing interesting, drink homemade wine, help the estate owner make cheese and fry the omelet for breakfast from eggs laid by his hens. This type of holiday is especially popular with Asians who come to Switzerland and Italy. The only caveat – living in a rural estate will cost more than a conventional hotel with a decent restaurant.

Do not be afraid to travel alone, especially if you are a woman

According to the Google Trends service, since 2013, the number of queries regarding travel alone has been constantly growing. First of all, committed by women. Only at the request of the Solo female travel blog last year, Google produced 2.45 million results. This is 52% more than in 2016.

In 2015, the online travel booking market was $ 9 billion. According to forecasts, by 2021, it will grow to $ 25 billion.

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