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Budget weekend in Prague

Yes, it sounds corny, but Prague is a fairy tale. And there are people who love her the most. Despite Paris, Amsterdam or Rome. And how to describe this magic?

The capital of the Czech Republic is incredibly fascinating in winter. We advise you to visit it precisely during Advent, when ancient narrow streets are shrouded in garlands, the aromas of the sweet tealotnik and the whole city is filled with incredible energy.

Prague will require several days of your attention. And sleepless nights! And that will not be enough. Of course, wherever you look, architectural wonders and little secrets are everywhere.

If She accepts you, then you will come back here again and again.

How to plan a busy trip? What to watch? Where to eat on a budget? And what are the bonuses around Prague? We share life hacks from our own experience.

By the way, not one Prague. Add contrasts and visit the small but puppet town of Cesky Krumlov. And 2 hours from the Czech capital – German Dresden.

Let’s go with us!


The Czech capital can be reached by plane, train or bus. Look for flights on the site. This service will offer 12 morning and afternoon departures. If you look for a ticket for January, then it will cost at least 6850 UAH.

There is a budget option. It is very convenient if you go from Kiev to the borders with Hungary and Slovakia. Follow the train to Chop. From there daily, at 9.43 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Ukrainian time, a train leaves for the Slovak city of Cierna nad Tisou (86 UAH). But come earlier to catch customs control. At 9.47 a.m. or 5.40 p.m. European time, you are there. Schedule is here.

From Cierna, an hour of intercity rides to Kosice (€ 5). Buy a ticket at the station. And already with Kosice a comfortable train starts to Prague. Tickets (from € 10 to 24.20, however these are exclusively sedentary but comfortable seats) for this train must be booked in advance on the Regiojet carrier website.

This company offers good facilities and service, and also provides security, good WiFi, free espresso, cappuccino, latte, mint tea, water and a menu with a price of up to € 5 per position. Trains leave at night, morning and evening. Drive up to 9 hours.

We do not recommend ordering a cheap ticket, because then your trip will take place in a common carriage without service and refreshments. Pay a few euros more, but you will have much better conditions.

You can also travel with LEO Express. The company offers an exit from Lviv to Prague with a transfer. A bus will take you from Lviv to the Czech Bohumin. And from there the train goes to Prague. Departure at 6.05, arrival at 19.32. The night crossing starts at 21.55, arrival at 13.32. A simple ticket costs € 27.5, for a “business” you pay from € 55.4 to 62.
You can go from Uzhgorod. A bus will bring you to Slovak Kosice, and from there a train to Prague. There is an option to leave at 1.00, arrival at 13.32, or at 19.30, arrival at 7.32. The total ticket costs € 22.5. All details are on the site.

We don’t offer buses, because even the low-cost carrier Flixbus has flights from Kiev for 2700 UAH one way.

Public transport

It is such a joy in the morning to catch a tram and go to the center of Prague. Beautiful trams or buses, regular connections, a small number of passengers. No crush, there is almost always a window seat. Get a daily ticket for all types of transport (bus, tram, metro, funicular).

It is unlikely that you will encounter a controller, but still a ticket should be. Buy a ticket in the machine, for example, at the station. You can pay by card. A daily ticket costs 110 CZK (€ 4.27). The more days, the more favorable the price of the ticket.

What not to miss

It makes no sense to describe an architecture that has already been talked about a lot. We will list objects that cannot be missed. And also we will lead you outside the center and to our favorite museums.

Hiking trails mostly start from Old Town Square. Go to the Staromestská or Mustek metro station. This is where the heart of the Czech capital opens.
From the square to heaven stretches the peak-shaped church of the Mother of God in front of Tyn. You will immediately remember the most popular Prague postcards. How to photograph this greatness spectacularly and instagramly – read below.

Crowds of travelers are constantly striving for. He would play a small medieval performance. The clock shows the years, months, days and hours, the time of sunrise and sunset, the time of sunrise and sunset, and the position of the zodiac signs.

When the clock strikes, the puppet show begins: the skeleton pulls a bell on a rope, the angel raises and lowers the punishing sword. In the windows of the watch pass the Apostles, and at the end a rooster crowes.

From the main square, head to St. Vitus Cathedral. Time around stops when you look at this creation. The shrine is located in Prague Castle – an incredibly beautiful fortress. Now it is the residence of the President.

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