Two decades at Lemkovo Vatra
For almost two decades, one event in the Ternopil region has been collecting 20-30 thousand visitors from year to year. This is the All-Ukrainian festival of Lemkovo culture "Dzvoni Lemkivschini",…

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Caves of the Ternopil region: the most amazing gypsum caves in the world
Ternopol is an insanely beautiful city. However, if you have repeatedly visited him and the Ternopil region and know all the sights by heart, we suggest looking at the city…

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Kayaking on the Lower Dnieper Fills
Today, the bulk of the unsinked floodplains is preserved in the Kherson region, on the Lower Dnieper: from the Kakhovka dam to the Dnieper estuary. If you want to spend…

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The most dangerous bridges in the world where tourists should be careful

Bridges are almost the first engineering structures created by mankind. Here you can recall at least the ancient Roman aqueducts, which in fact were also bridges, and even have survived to this day.
But modern engineers not only created analogues of the ancient seven wonders of the world, but also learned how to build even more impressive structures. Let’s just say that some modern bridges are breathtaking.

Royal Gorge, USA

360 meters of almost clean bridge, under which more than 200 meters of the abyss. I personally feel uneasy, even from one glance at this design. And it’s normal for people – they use it without much concern, since the bridge was built in good faith.
Carrick A Red, Ireland

A rope bridge at a height of 20 meters connecting two slopes. Made by a local fisherman. Seriously. I’m even afraid to imagine how he staggers during storms, not uncommon in Northern Ireland.
Mount Titlis, Switzerland

At about 3 kilometers above sea level, two rocky peaks are connected by a suspension bridge. A bridge on which even two people will find it difficult to separate. Nevertheless, everything is reliable. It seems to be.

Marienbruck, Germany
An unusually ancient bridge, which was replaced by a more modern one only in 1860. And yes, in order to get to Neuschwanstein Castle, one must pass on it. And yes, the views from it are impressive.

Trift, Switzerland

160 meters of suspension bridge. To the earth – more than 100 meters. It was built in order to facilitate the laying of optical cables in the mountains, but is still used. At your own peril and risk, of course.

Mackinac, USA

It seems to be an ordinary bridge over the river? Not really. The fact is that sometimes strong winds blow on it that it is quite capable of blowing cars into the water. It’s better not to remember people at all.

Kanopi Road, Ghana

Several kilometers of suspension bridges at an altitude of 40 meters above the jungle. It is specially built so that tourists can watch animals from a safe distance. But yes, it’s difficult for two people to get away on it.

Ubane, Myanmar
2 kilometers of wooden bridge across the lake. It was built in 1850, after that it was only periodically updated. It is used by locals as one of the most effective ways to get to the other side, and so often that there are even traffic jams.

Quepos, Costa Rica
50 meters of wood and rusty iron. It creaks, staggers, is about to fall apart. You can only drive slowly, no more than one car in a row. But overall, the thing is safe.

Puente de Oguela, Mexico
Initially used to deliver coal, but then they tried to use it to lure tourists. Let’s just say that there are not so many people who want to walk on this bridge.

Ghasa, Nepal
One of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Incidentally, the only thread connecting the inhabitants of several villages with civilization. But the views from there are awesome.

Lankawi, Malaysia
A bridge that does not connect the mountain peaks, but gently bends around them. At an altitude of about 130 meters. But tourists like it.

Seven Mile Bridge, USA

That’s right, the bridge is 7 miles long, that is, 12 kilometers. From the middle the coast is not always visible. Impressive architectural and engineering building, Florida state card.

Keswachaka, Peru
An exact copy of the bridges built by the Inca civilization. That’s just about once a year it has to be completely replaced. Which does not speak in the best way about its reliability.

Kuandinsky bridge, Russia
Just wooden bars laid on a rusted metal structure. One lane. No sides. Used by both tourists and local Siberians. There is no need to talk about security at all.

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