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Where to go on March 8: top 3 destinations

In connection with the postponement of the working day from March 9 to Saturday March 3, Ukrainians will have the opportunity to relax and arrange a mini-vacation from March 8 to 11, inclusive.
We present to your attention several options for tourist places where you can celebrate International Women’s Day.


Thanks to the visa-free regime with the European Union, it became easier for Ukrainians to plan their trips. Now the main question is not how to open a visa, but how to buy plane tickets more profitably. Of course, it is best to buy tickets in a few months, but sometimes tickets a few days before the departure date can also be bought profitably, the main thing is to constantly monitor the cost of the desired tickets in the corresponding program.


One of the most enjoyable destinations for the price, according to the Booking website, is Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

How much does it cost to relax

In these countries, prices for a decent hotel start from 3 thousand hryvnias in 4 days and reach 12. It all depends on the city and its remoteness from the hotel, the availability of the resort nearby and the range of services that the hotel offers.

Airplane tickets can also be bought in the range from 3 to 8 thousand hryvnias for two, economy class. It is worth choosing those directions in which the low-cost airline flies, then the rest will turn out economical.

Bus tickets to Romania or, for example, Poland, will cost much cheaper.


You can also go by car, just keep in mind that on holidays there may be queues at the border.

In order to feel comfortable, it is worth allocating about 100 euros for one day of stay for two in one of the European countries.

Do not forget about the insurance policy, without which you will not be allowed into the European Union. This service costs for Ukrainians about 120 UAH per person.

What to do and how to have fun

In addition to walking, sightseeing, you can devote time to relaxation. Many hotels in Lithuania, for example, offer a range of spa services, many of which are included in the price of the hotel. The pool, saunas, baths will help to relax and recharge for a long time in a few days.

Dracula’s Castle, Romania


If you like this country, but you’re used to spending only summer vacations there, we advise you to reconsider your views and take a chance. Firstly, in the southern regions it is already warm and the temperature reaches 20 degrees, and secondly, those who are familiar with Turkish service always return.

For a short break, Istanbul, which attracts landscapes and beautiful buildings that breathe history, is perfect.


We advise you to pay attention to the usual resorts, such as Marmaris, Bodrum. The farther south, the warmer and more interesting you will be.

How much does it cost to relax

Now hotels in Istanbul have great prices. For four days of rest in a hotel on the banks of the Bosphorus with breakfast, the Turks ask from 5 to 12 thousand hryvnias. The price depends on the location and star rating of the hotel.


Holidays in the southern regions on the seashore according to the all inclusive system will cost much less than in season. For four days in a hotel with 4 stars you will be asked about 5-6 thousand.

The only tangible cost will be plane tickets. Today, the price for two starts from 12 thousand hryvnias for round-trip tickets.

What to do and how to have fun

Believe me, the Turks simply will not let you get bored. In a few days you will be filled not only with walks, but also with delicious delicacies, and the memories of Istanbul and its legends will remain with you for life.



A great option for those who could not plan their holidays abroad in advance, but want to relax and travel. Recently, tourism in Ukraine has been actively developing, and if before there were only a few popular destinations, now everything depends only on the time you have and the purpose of the trip.


Kiev region, the Carpathians, Odessa, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathia and Volyn are one of the most popular destinations.

How much does it cost to relax

Many Ukrainians try to visit Kiev on holidays, where there really are a lot of entertainment and interesting places. But the people of Kiev are increasingly trying to break out of the capital closer to nature. Recently, a lot of complexes have appeared near Kiev that offer not only hotel holidays, but also more active ones.

You can relax near Kiev from 2 thousand to 8 thousand hryvnia. Separately, you should take care of the prices of food and the spa. On average, given the cost of travel and entertainment, it is worth preparing about 10 thousand hryvnias in four days.

The Carpathians and Transcarpathia are not a very good option, because of the geographical remoteness they will have to devote a lot of time to the road. On the other hand, at the end of the season, hotel prices and skiing are gradually dropping. On average, rest in these regions will cost 8-12 thousand hryvnias.

Holidays in Odessa, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Lutsk will delight lovers of architecture and history. Walking, knowledge of local cuisine and a comfortable stay at the hotel will surely bring you pleasure.

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