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Private museums of Zaporozhye surprise with unique exhibits
MUSEUM OF TECHNOLOGY BOGUSLAYEV One of the most informative museums in Zaporozhye is the Museum of Technology of Vyacheslav Boguslaev - the hero of Ukraine and the permanent leader of…

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Lemurian Lake: an unusual story of popularity
The unique Lemurian lake in the south of the Kherson region has recently attracted more and more tourists - with the unusual pink color of the water, from which it…

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"Sea" vacation ... away from the sea
EAST, TO BLUE LAKES The Elizavetovsky pit of the Man-made Blue Lakes in Ukraine cannot be counted: there are both in the Kiev region, and in the Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Zhytomyr…

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Bajao people

The people of bajao, or, as they are called, sea gypsies, do not have documents, citizenship or any rights. They roam the ocean with their homes off the coast of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. There are more than a million of them and this is the most unprotected layer of the population, practically not in contact with civilization.

Close your eyes and imagine the paradise of our planet. Warm water shimmers with 50 shades of blue and caresses the white sand. Flocks of colored fish and sea turtles go around your boat, approaching an island with spreading palm trees at low speed. An ideal picture of a place where there are no problems, city bustle and the passage of time and where there is no mobile connection. Continue reading

Budget weekend in Prague

Yes, it sounds corny, but Prague is a fairy tale. And there are people who love her the most. Despite Paris, Amsterdam or Rome. And how to describe this magic?

The capital of the Czech Republic is incredibly fascinating in winter. We advise you to visit it precisely during Advent, when ancient narrow streets are shrouded in garlands, the aromas of the sweet tealotnik and the whole city is filled with incredible energy.

Prague will require several days of your attention. And sleepless nights! And that will not be enough. Of course, wherever you look, architectural wonders and little secrets are everywhere. Continue reading

Kayaking on the Lower Dnieper Fills

Today, the bulk of the unsinked floodplains is preserved in the Kherson region, on the Lower Dnieper: from the Kakhovka dam to the Dnieper estuary.
If you want to spend the weekend off the couch or come to the Kherson region to relax, there is one great option – a kayak ride along the Dnieper plains.

In general, the floodplains, that is, the swampy sections of the Dnieper, where the riverbed is divided into branches separating the floodplain islands, are a unique ecosystem. Floodplains of the Dnieper formed during the last glaciation – 20-25 thousand years ago. Some scientists and researchers believe that the floodplains initially extended from Kiev and right up to the Dnieper estuary. Favorable natural conditions and intricate labyrinths of the duct allowed our ancestors to hide from enemies. This is how gradually the fortified Cossack settlements arose – the Sichs. Continue reading

Serednyansky cellars – a place where Transcarpathian wine glory is cherished

Serednyansky cellars are still one of the main places in the list of “must see” in Transcarpathia, here the wines of the only state winery that today work and produce products are ripening.
The dungeons were built by captured Turks at first as fortifications, and later began to be used as wine ones. Serednyansky cellars are the oldest in Ukraine; they are listed by UNESCO among the ten best wine cellars in Europe.

No less famous are the wines that are still made and stored here in oak barrels. Once upon a time, in the time of kings and kings, the middle wines were delivered to the best European courts. And in the twentieth century, the winery that had been operating here since the Soviet era thundered: the vintage wines Serednyanskoye, Rosa Zakarpattya, Seductress and Irshavskoye were known throughout the former Union – like the Leanka winery, which produced, and some of them still produce. Although since 1985, with the beginning of the anti-alcohol program, accompanied by the uprooting of vineyards, a decline began – the once glorious “Leanka” is still in the turbulent zone. But despite the difficulties, they now produce 9 types of wines (canteens, desserts and fine wines) that have regular fans and diverge delivery services across the country. And at Leanka they dream of privatization and believe that the fame of the Serednyansky cellars and wines can still be revived. Continue reading

Routes of lovers

Traveling is one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. This year, a couple in love can arrange a short trip both on Wednesday, when the holiday falls, and next weekend after it. We have selected for you the five non-banal cities of Europe, visiting which you will feel the incredible spirit of romance.

Of course, nobody will stop you from admiring the view from the Eiffel Tower, riding a gondola along the canals of a city standing on the water, or watching the red roofs of medieval buildings from a hill. However, if you are not afraid to change tourist routes, then choose one or more of these cities, feel free to go on a romantic trip and capture unforgettable emotions in your photo and memory.

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Spring tourism
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Paris, which is not in the travel guide
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