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How much will it cost to travel on autobahns in Ukraine
According to a World Bank study, residents of Ukraine can afford tolls at a rate of 0.05 eurocents per kilometer. How much will it cost to travel along the autobahns…

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10 tourism business ideas that should be implemented in Ukraine
The cable car, unusual hotel-museums and the Jurassic Park will attract tourists from all over the world. Traveling is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Especially…

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Private museums of Zaporozhye surprise with unique exhibits
MUSEUM OF TECHNOLOGY BOGUSLAYEV One of the most informative museums in Zaporozhye is the Museum of Technology of Vyacheslav Boguslaev - the hero of Ukraine and the permanent leader of…

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Life of mini sculptures

Not one excursion in Uzhgorod omits mini-sculptures that harmoniously fit into the landscape of the city.

Uzhhorod is the smallest regional center in Ukraine. Maybe this was the incentive for the local sculptor Mikhail Kolodko to create and install a series of small sculptures in the city. The author considers them to be effective components of establishing cultural communication between Uzhgorod and Europe.

“Our region is rich in interweaving of cultures that have been built here for centuries. That is what we wanted to convey in sculpture. We did not do this with the help of large, expensive monuments. The miniature is much cheaper, and perhaps more interesting,” said Mikhail. Continue reading

Private museums of Zaporozhye surprise with unique exhibits


One of the most informative museums in Zaporozhye is the Museum of Technology of Vyacheslav Boguslaev – the hero of Ukraine and the permanent leader of the flagship of domestic engine building – Motor Sich enterprise. The museum opened in October 2012 and, according to reports, has become a place of visit for more than a quarter of a million people for more than five years. And it’s not surprising: the museum’s work is organized in such a way that people who are in love with technology and are completely far from it can usefully spend time on its territory.

From the point of view of the visitor, the Boguslaev Museum of Technology is not one museum, but two. The first occupies a two-story building, in the halls of which themed collections are located. The second is an open-air museum in the square around this building. And if you decide to go to the Boguslaev Museum of Technology with your children, leaving this area will be very, very difficult for you. And not only because a huge amount of the most diverse equipment has been collected here – from tractors to airplanes. But also because all these exhibits are absolutely accessible to visitors: they can be touched, they can be climbed, photographs can be taken outside and inside, as well as jumping, crawling, hanging and jumping, which children are known to do for hours. Continue reading

To not be ashamed

The number of tourists is growing from year to year. According to the forecasts of the World Tourism Organization, 2017 promises to break the next record in the number of people traveling around the world. There are no final statistics yet, but during the period from January to August last year, 901 million people visited the countries of the world with tourist purposes, which is 56 million more than in the same period of 2016. At the same time, Africa (+ 9%), Europe (+ 8%) and East Asia (+ 6%) showed the highest growth.

The reason for the increase in global tourist flow is understandable – residents of developed countries are fed up with things. Therefore, they are increasingly trying to emphasize their status not with property, but with impressions. Posted on Instagram photos from exotic places speak more about a person than how he dresses and what kind of car he drives. Continue reading

Noble estates of Kharkov region: both beauty and pain of loss

There are surprisingly picturesque corners in the Kharkov region, in which there are former noble estates, once abandoned by their masters.
When you come here, you are covered by a gamut of feelings and emotions. On the one hand, admiration for unusual architecture, on the other hand, sadness that time does not spare anything … It is as if you see people who lived here, worked, relaxed, had fun, decorated their homes, loved this land. And you are immediately embraced by a feeling of regret: it is sad that the creations of their industriousness and talent are gradually dying away, as is the memory of these people. Continue reading

Glass apples in Strasbourg

In 1570, in the center of Strasbourg, near the Notre Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral, the first Christmas market was held. In those days, it was held only a few days, and now it opens in early December and completes work after the New Year holidays. Millions of Frenchmen from different parts of the country and foreign tourists are happy to go to Strasbourg to taste the traditional Alsatian wine with spices and buy goodies for the festive table. Many people this year came from Paris, where after long disputes and litigation, the traditional fair on the Champs Elysees was not held. Continue reading

Two decades at Lemkovo Vatra
For almost two decades, one event in the Ternopil region has been collecting 20-30 thousand visitors from year to year. This is the All-Ukrainian festival of Lemkovo culture "Dzvoni Lemkivschini",…


Where good rest in the winter in Bukovina?
Although Chernivtsi region is one of the smallest among Ukrainian regions, it boldly claims to be one of the leading places in the list of the most interesting for winter…


Treasure Island in Khoroshev
The unique, unique in Ukraine Museum of precious and decorative stones is located 55 kilometers from Zhytomyr in the urban village of Khoroshev. The unique, unique in Ukraine Museum of…


City "exquisite details
I love and know Vinnitsa well, but I was amazed at the exact wording of Larisa Ivshina, with whom we recently had the opportunity to walk through the streets during…