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10 tourism business ideas that should be implemented in Ukraine
The cable car, unusual hotel-museums and the Jurassic Park will attract tourists from all over the world. Traveling is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Especially…

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How to eat snails, or why Transcarpathians need French delicacies
The opening of the first snail farm in Transcarpathia in Nizhny Selishte made a fuss - the ubiquitous journalists, curious tourists, and those who were "annoyed" reached out for it:…

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Where to go on March 8: top 3 destinations
In connection with the postponement of the working day from March 9 to Saturday March 3, Ukrainians will have the opportunity to relax and arrange a mini-vacation from March 8…

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Paris, which is not in the travel guide

Why just sit and discuss literature, “decided two Ukrainians – Maryana Gavak and Elena Yashchuk-Codé, who live in Paris, and organized Literary Walks. This is a project when the capital of France itself becomes a big book, telling about the artists associated with it Among them, by the way, there are also Ukrainian ones. The organizers dedicated a separate series to them, “Ukrainian Paris.” More about the project and its opening in an interview.


– How did the idea of ​​Literary Walks come about?

Mariana GEVAK: The idea has been in the air for a long time. At first, we thought about the so-called club of like-minded people, where people could periodically gather and discuss books they read, practice the Ukrainian language, because, despite all the efforts, the vocabulary of Ukrainian is gradually decreasing. And so as not to be completely boring, they came up with a meeting in a place that at least somehow relates to the selected book, author or topic as a whole. Subsequently, all this was embodied in the format of “Literary walks.” Continue reading

Two decades at Lemkovo Vatra

For almost two decades, one event in the Ternopil region has been collecting 20-30 thousand visitors from year to year. This is the All-Ukrainian festival of Lemkovo culture “Dzvoni Lemkivschini”, which its participants often call the “Lemkovo Vatra”.


Probably, for the first time in recent years, so many guests from abroad came here to the forest tract Bichova on the border of the Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, immediately after the regional center of Monastyrysk, that the festival can safely be called “international”.

The chairman of the Ternopil regional society “Lemkovschina”, Alexander Vengrinovich, agrees with this thesis. He is an ethnic Lemko, one of the initiators and organizers of the festival. Continue reading

Not turkey united

This summer, Ukrainians managed to significantly save on holidays abroad. In addition to Turkey, which often does not have a shortage of tourists, vacationers from Ukraine managed to take advantage of the reduction in the cost of tours to popular resorts, for example, to Egypt. At the same time, not all travel agencies agree that vouchers “have fallen in price.” Simply, most of their customers are not ready to significantly spend money on vacation.

To the south

This year, Ukrainian tourists are changing their travel preferences. If previously Turkey was a popular country for holidays in the summer, and Egypt in the winter, now a new trend has emerged in the tourism market – Ukrainians increasingly prefer Egyptian resorts in the summer. This was partly because back in 2017, Russian tourists began to come to rest in large numbers on holiday in Turkey. Therefore, hotels in this country are less interested in accepting Ukrainians, explained RBC-Ukraine development director of the tourism company “Clean Tourism” Ivanna Chuchman. Continue reading

Lemurian Lake: an unusual story of popularity

The unique Lemurian lake in the south of the Kherson region has recently attracted more and more tourists – with the unusual pink color of the water, from which it is impossible to look away, especially at sunset, and its medicinal properties, for which people come here to be treated for skin diseases, nervous, cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system and the like. Ukrinform wrote earlier about the pink lake phenomenon. But being in the sunny Kherson region and getting to know the locals who are now actively taking tourists, we could not help but wonder how it all started? The story, it turns out, is unique – in it miraculously intertwines legends, happy chance, human industriousness and perseverance.

There was a village in the Tavrian steppe …

The mysterious Kherson lake, known for its healing properties, has always attracted tourists. But for those who wanted to swim in the lake there was one problem – where to stay? After all, it is located directly in the steppe, 100 km from Kherson and seven from the nearest village Grigorovki of the Chaplinsky district. It is this village today that is experiencing wonderful metamorphoses due to the influx of vacationers. Continue reading

Why it is worth traveling alone

You will no longer need to take into account the desires and needs of your companions: traveling alone allows you to get a unique experience without looking at others, the BBC Travel correspondent emphasizes.
Family vacation, a romantic weekend for two – we experience many unforgettable moments on trips in the company of other people. However, solo travels can sometimes give you access to unique experiences that are hardly possible when you have to consider the wishes and needs of fellow travelers.

To get more information on this topic, we turned to Quora’s online collective search community for answers, asking its users: “How does it feel to travel alone?”

You never know what will happen – and who you meet Continue reading

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